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Moms-to-be! A Great Product For You!

Attention all Moms-to-be! Have we got the product for you!

A lot of pregnant women will suffer from body aches and pains, such as back and hip pain, throughout the duration of their pregnancy. The Mom-Ez Maternity Support is a great product sold here at DHT to help alleviate some of these symptoms.

This is a brace designed to gently lift the stomach to support your low back and hips. Even better, this product can last throughout the entire length of your pregnancy. Its design makes it completely adjustable throughout your pregnancy! This brace is made from cool and comfortable materials to make movement easier. It also helps to reduce fatigue and maintain posture. It is also machine washable!

If you’re a Mom-to-be looking for something to help with low back pain, movement and posture this is a great tool to use.

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