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Hydration!- The Importance of Keeping Hydrated, Especially After Therapy.

Everyone knows how important hydration is. We’re always told that water is the best medicine and that our bodies need it to function properly. Truth is, dehydration can have negative effects on our body. When dehydrated you may feel things such as fatigue, light-headedness, confusion, thirst. You may also have body pains including headaches. To most of us, this information is old news. But did you know how important it is to hydrate following a manual therapy treatment such as massage?

A lot of the time you will hear your therapist say, “Make sure you drink lots of water following your treatment”. With their treatment they are also working with your blood flow and circulatory system. When you have muscle tightness you most likely have reduced circulation going to those areas. This is why after working with specific muscles or areas the therapist will flush out that area. This is done to encourage proper blood flow and circulation. This can be dehydrating- which is why it is so important to drink water following treatments. Drinking water following a treatment not only keeps you hydrated, but can help prevent muscle soreness and pain following a treatment. Drinking water following a treatment can also flush out any waste and toxins from your body.

Next time your therapist suggests this as homecare, listen! Provide your body with the hydration it needs all the time (before and after treatment, and days you don’t have treatment) and help prevent those muscle aches and pains caused by not enough water. Your body will thank you!

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