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Naturopathy! A New Service Offered at DHT!

We are thrilled to say that DHT is now offering Naturopathy services! On March 22nd our first Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Goldthorpe, will begin her practice here at DHT.

We want to give you an insight on what this service has to offer. As a result, this will give you an idea if this is something that could be beneficial for you!

Naturopathy is a primary health care profession aimed to prevent, treat and maintain optimal health through the use of therapeutic methods and substances that encourage ones self healing process. This medicine use the body’s self healing process as the first line of defence against illness. They act to identify and remove obstacles to help the work of this process. They work to remove the underlying cause of the illness rather than just supressing the symptoms. To do so, they use methods and substances to lessen the risk of harmful side effects. As well as, using the least invasive method to diagnose and treat. In addition, they respect the body and its ability to self heal. They work at all costs to aid in this process. They use a whole body approach. Looking at not just the physical aspects but the emotional, spiritual, environmental and genetic factors along with it.

In conclusion, let us introduce Dr. Goldthorpe!

Dr. Goldthorpe’s practice focuses on women’s health, metabolic function, brain health, GI concerns, autoimmune disease, and pediatric care. Her protocols target the underlying cause of illness. They include metabolic analyses, nutrition, lifestyle changes, botanical medicine, homeopathy and TCM.

Finally, for any more questions about Dr. Goldthorpe or to book an appointment call our front desk!

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