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Relax Using Essential Oils- What Oils Can Help You Unwind

Relax! How many times have you been told to relax? As Valentines Day approaches it may be hard for us to make time to unwind with those important to us. Use essential oils to help achieve a state of relaxation and make time for self love and partner love.

Below are some of the essential oils that DHT loves to use to help us relax:

  1. Lavender- Lavender is an essential oil that has great relaxation properties. With its soothing, natural ingredients it can create a sense of calming and put the mind at ease. In addition, this oil is also great for relieving headaches and improve sleep quality.
  2. Frankincense- This oil is great for enhancing spiritual strength and calm. It helps relax the nerves and the body when it may be feeling tense.
  3. Bergamot- This oil comes from the citrus fruit the Citrus Bergamia and has uplifting properties. This oil allows energy within the body flow freely in a relaxed state. Furthermore, it can also help with conditions such as depression and anxiety.

These oils work great from a diffuser, mixed with a carrier oil or diluted in a bath. As a result, you will be able to kick back and relax! Here at DHT we love using essential oils as a natural remedy for many things, especially relaxing. Lastly, take a peak in our display case the next time you visit the clinic to see what essential oils we have in stock.

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