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Coaching and NLP

Why do I need a Coach?

Do you feel like you have unmet potential? Do you feel stuck? Often life’s obstacles build up so high that we cannot even see over the hedge to what our initial goal was. Since we cannot solve a problem with the same mind the created it Coaching provides an outside view of the problem at hand and allows new beliefs and strategies to integrate in a non-judgemental, safe, and proven process.

What is NLP?

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) can teach your mind how to re-program any response to any event that is not consistent with what you want to experience. These techniques can be used to reframe a problem, create new beliefs, and re-program specific patterns of thoughts, feelings, and expectations.

Personal Breakthrough

What is a Personal Breakthrough?

Sometimes issues can be resolved in one or two sessions, but other more severe or life-long issues require a longer task based approach. A Personal Breakthrough is a series of 5-8 sessions that requires 100% participation from the client and substantial behind the scenes hours from the coach. If you are willing to commit yourself to the process, and follow through with instructions, you can be guaranteed that the process will work for you whether your issue be rooted in Career, Relationships, Health (mental or physical), or just being “stuck”.

How is Coaching different from traditional therapies?

Traditional therapy is a generally a lifelong commitment. Sessions are focused on discussing the presenting problems but rarely get deeper into the root cause. Just discussing the presenting problems can indeed make you feel better for a day or two, but it doesn’t usually provide you with the strategies and tools to change your thinking and really move passed the problem.

Coaching works on a deeper level. Your coach isn’t all that concerned with the list of presenting problems, a synopsis of one or two “symptom problems” is all we need in order to determine the direction of the session and then we no longer focus on your Conscious minds interpretation of the issue, we focus on allowing your unconscious mind to unravel the problem and install new strategies and beliefs.

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