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Company Culture

At Dynamic Health Therapy, we pride ourselves on having a vibrant, fun, and supportive culture.

All our team members bring a vibrant, positive energy to each and every patient interaction, team meeting and social gathering. Every DHT team member is trained and supported to be the best they can, both professionally and personally. When you are growing and enjoying your role, your patients will benefit from better results, and that is what counts!

We are a diverse clinic that has continued to grow year on year over the past decade in terms of the size of our team, the services we provide and of course the number of patients we see. Our philosophy of continual improvement brings new team members, clinic equipment or building updates every year.

DHT provides a flexible and supportive environment for all team members. Our employment contracts provide the best of both worlds – security and reward for hard work. Having a large team to support you has many benefits – helping you to become the best you can be and enjoying the process while you’re at it. You are supported by world-class systems and procedures, but also encouraged to express your unique version of therapy working in a multi-disciplinary clinic.


The Benefits

At Dynamic Health Therapy, we are a family clinic. You will have the opportunity to see infants, pregnant women, elderly clients, athletes, and everyone in-between. If you really want to, you can specialize and focus more on one of these groups.

Each month, regular team meetings and training sessions will help you stay in touch and keep sharpening your skills and abilities. We also get together regularly outside the clinic to connect and have fun.

At DHT, whether you need to discuss a difficult case or x-ray, or need help on managing a difficult patient or condition, or just need someone to share some thoughts with, you’ll have a great team behind you to do just that.

World-class systems, procedures, marketing, and support will help you to grow your practice and reach your goals quickly.


The Team

Our team has a wide range of skills, special interests and experience and age – everyone has something to offer.

We are open to new graduates and those with more experience – it’s never too early or too late to become the best you can be.

We’re sociable – we get together regularly because we like each other!

Supportive environment – everyone is encouraged to contribute to the growth of the team.


The Location

Dynamic Health Therapy is located at 24018 Woobine Ave in Keswick just 15 minutes north of Newmarket. Easy access to 404. 


The Clients

With our diverse team, we appeal to a various range of clients, from pregnancy and infant care, to athletes, to the elderly.


At DHT, our team’s range of special interests include Physiotherapy, Registered Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, OsteopathySports Injury Therapy, Scar Release Therapy, Fertility Treatments, Hypnotherapy, HypnoBirthing, Concussion Rehabilitation, Crainosacral Therapy, Exercise Rehabilitation, Custom Orthotics and Gait Scan, Pregnancy and Pediatric/Infant Treatments, and Personal Training.


Why Work Here

  • A fun and enjoyable environment which will help you be the best possible therapist you can be at any stage in your career.
  • Great for those who are looking to increase or develop their clinical and patient management skillset.
  • Our focus on mentorship is a great opportunity for new graduates to develop your confidence, skills and professional abilities quickly.


Why We’re Different

We have a passion for continual improvement. We measure and test everything we do. At DHT you’ll always know how effective you are with your clients, in your practice, and what you need to do to improve.

With our team, you can explore your own individuality as a therapist without feeling like you’re missing out on patients. Want to see just kids, athletes or the elderly? You can choose the mix that suits you and we’ll support you to be the best you can be.