Complete Pediatric, Family, and Athletic Health Centre

Price List

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Rehabilitation  $140.00

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Follow up  $90.00


Custom Orthotics and Gaitscan

Custom Orthotics with 3D Gait Scan – $450.00

Custom Orthotic Shoe – $550.00



Chiropractic Initial Treatment and Assessment  $135.00

Chiropractic Follow up $55.00

Chiropractic Extended Follow up $85.00


Initial Assessment (approximately 1 hour)  $190.00

First Follow up (approximately 45 minutes) $150.00

Follow up adult appointment (approximately 30 minutes) $95.00

Follow up paediatric appointment (approximately 20 minutes) $80.00



Time Line Therapy $150.00 

Weight Loss $450.00 

Smoking Cessation  $300.00 

Quantum Change Process $150/hour  (to a maximum of $400.00 )

Other programs available such as Hypnotherapy for Anxiety, Fear of Flying and other Phobias, NLP and Success Coaching. Please inquire for pricing and individual consultation.  


Manual Osteopathic Treatment/Acupuncture with Stan

First Initial Assessment and Session $180.00

Manual Osteopathic Treatment Mini Session $90.40

Acupuncture 30 minute session $65.00

Manual Osteopathic Treatment/Acupuncture Standard Session $155.00



Physiotherapy Initial Treatment and Assessment  $135.00

Physiotherapy Follow up  $75.00

Physiotherapy Extended Follow up  $105.00


Physiotherapy Follow up double session $135.00


Specialized Treatments

Concussion Treatment & Testing  $155.00

Vestibular Rehabilitation Treatment  $155.00

Cranial Sacral Therapy $155.00

Shockwave Therapy Initial Assessment & Treatment $155.00 

Shockwave Therapy Follow up Treatment $105.00-$155.00 


Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy (60 minutes) $88.50 + HST

Registered Massage Therapy (30 minutes) $57.52 + HST

Registered Massage Therapy (90 minutes) $146.02 + HST


Manual Osteopathic Treatment/Massage Therapy Treatments with Sean

First Initial Assessment and Session $225.40

Manual Osteopathic Treatment/Massage Mini Session $90.40

Manual Osteopathic Treatment/Massage Standard Session $155.00

Manual Osteopathic Treatment/Massage Extended Session $195.00


Manual Osteopathic Treatment / RMT with Jim

First Initial Assessment and Session $180.00

Standard Manual Osteopathic Treatment $155.00

Registered Massage Therapy Session-clothes on hybrid treatment (60 minutes) with Jim  $155.00


Please keep in mind that our cancellation policy for missing appointments is a minimum of 24 hours notice to allow us time to rebook with one of our patients on our waiting list.

*Prices are subject to change without notice*

All RMT sessions subject to HST