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Congestion- Postural Drainage to Help With This Cold and Flu Symptom

Congestion is something that is very common during cold and flu season. Many people will avoid attending their regular therapy appointment due to their cold symptoms. Postural drainage can help get rid of this problem. It is very helpful in relieving congestion within the respiratory tract. PD is used in combination with tapotement techniques is used to help relieve this symptom.  

Using body positioning, gravity and tapotement techniques your therapist can help reduce mucus build up in your lungs . Conditions such as cough and cold, asthma and bronchitis can cause this build up. Your regular scheduled treatment can incorporate this technique in seamlessly. The way PD works is easy. Your therapist will locate where the build up lies in your lungs. With that knowledge they will then position you accordingly. The therapist will position their patients to use gravity to help drain the mucus from the congested lobe. Your therapist may also use some cupping to help with the expelling of mucus. Ideally, you will remain in the position for a minimum of five minutes to help with draining. Following, your therapist will perform light clapping or cupping techniques to help encourage drainage.

Using PD when you have a cough or cold can be very helpful. This will ensure that you stay on schedule with you treatment plan and help with your cold.










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