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Couples Massage for Valentines Day! How It Works and the Benefits it Holds.

Couples Massages are something very common for holidays such as anniversary’s, birthdays and Valentine’s Day. As you already know, DHT is offering an amazing Massage Pampering Package. This gives you the opportunity to book a couples massage for you and your significant other.

How it works: Here at DHT you would book a massage time for both you and your partner, either at the same time or back to back times. Your therapists will escort you and your partner into two of our massage rooms. DHT designed each room to be similar to one another and created to promote relaxation. Your therapist will go over what you hope to gain from your massage and explain and outline what the massage will be like. From there, your massage will begin.

Although your massages will happen in different rooms, they will be occurring simultaneously. You both will be able to experience relaxation at the same time and achieve goals of relaxation together.

Benefits: If you or your partner have never gotten a massage before, this is a great time to do it. Having a massage together may increase their comfort level and may allow them to enjoy the therapeutic time more. Couples massage holds all the benefits of massage therapy: reduced pain, muscle tension and stiffness, increased relaxation, etc… except you get to experience it all with your partner. Why do it apart when you can do it together?


Call today to book a massage for both you and your significant other!


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