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Diastasis Recti- Information

Have you even heard of the condition Diastasis Recti? To explain, this is where the abdominal or six pack muscles will begin stretching or splitting down the middle, most common during pregnancy. Don’t worry! This condition is more common than you think; according to research, affecting 100% of women during their pregnancy, at least by week 35. This concept is actually completely understandable when you think of how big the baby growing inside of us is. Even though this condition is normal, if not addressed postpartum, it can lead to musculoskeletal issues down the line. Our abdomen plays a role in stability and balance, movement, breathing and continence. If our abdominal wall is injured or stretched it can lead to things such as poor posture, low back and pelvic pain, breathing and incontinence issues, just to name a few.

Here are some important things to know:

DURING PREGNANCY- Don’t put your body at risk by making the diastasis worse. Sometimes abdominal crunches or curls can do just this. Talk to your health care practitioner about this kind of exercise regimen as you progress throughout your pregnancy.

POSTPARTUM- Around 6-12 weeks consult a physiotherapist who can assess and measure the abdominal separation. If the separation is greater than 1.5 mm they will often prescribe SAFE exercises to help the return of the abdominal wall. Often time’s women will continue their abdominal crunches to regain their pre-pregnancy shape but it could have the opposite effect. Doing this can result in Coning which will indicate an underlying weakness in the tissue and fascia. The best thing to do is to consult a physiotherapist who can accurately assess your musculature to help in returning you to your pre-pregnancy routine safely.



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