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Fertility at Dynamic Health Therapy

Infertility is a disease that affects many Canadians each and every day.  Many women look to western medicine as the only option if they want to increase their chances of conceiving, but did you know that Dynamic Health Therapy offers a multi faceted program to increase your chances of conceiving naturally or to work along side IUI or IVF to give you the best possible outcome?  We are so passionate about our program that we also train therapists Canada wide on the techniques we use, the success rates we have, and the unique approach we have to this very sensitive subject.

Break the silence…I am 1 in 4

October is infant and pregnancy loss awareness month  Miscarriage affects 1 in 4 women.  As someone who has experienced the pain of losing a pregnancy first hand, I connect with many of the women in our program.  It’s a pain that never fully heals, and a fear that often lingers in future pregnancies.  Working with women on grieving their loss, on regaining the confidence in their bodies, and reconnecting with their partners is a piece of the program at DHT.   Let’s all take a minute to remember those babies held in our hearts forever, but absent from our arms.  To all the mommies of angels, you are strong, you are worthy, you will get your rainbows.  xoxo AdrianneUnknown-2

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